Hero Time - manufacture your board game safely

Hero Time helps board game creators and publishers manufacture and publish their board game in the safest and cheapest way possible.

Hero Time offers a variety of services from manufacturing to marketing, IP protection, and testing.

Hero Time is the first foreign owned enterprise in China to exclusively deal with the manufacturing of board games. Experience European Service and Chinese prices

Additional Services

Automatic Calculator

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CE & CPSC testing

Make sure your game is safe for the use of Children

IP protection

Protect your game against counterfeits in China and internationally.


Get yourself a variety of marketing props to promote your game.

HOW TO HIRE ARTISTS 101 by Saša Radivojević

Comprehensive but simple guide on how to hire an artist for your board game (or similar) project. For all of you that are developing a game in your spare time and you're dealing with this for a first time ever, this is for you. Including special tips often overlooked.